Kenyans: This is how to count years correctly

The Sunday Nation


09 April 2023


The bible records that Jesus Christ was crucified and died on a Friday, then “on the third day” he rose back to life. This begs the trivial question: on what day of the week did he resurrect? Obviously, if the first day was a Friday, then the second one was Saturday, and the third was a Sunday. Hence, Easter falls on Sunday; not Monday!

The public holiday on Monday is just in keeping with our tradition (and law) of extending (compensating) holidays that fall on Sunday to the following day. However, if it had been recorded that Jesus resurrected AFTER three days, then the Easter celebration would fall on Monday.

If that is so clear in our minds, why is it so difficult for us to count the dates of our election cycles correctly. Even after I pointed out the error numerous times in this column and writing to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission formally, the IEBC still went ahead and conducted the general election in the wrong year!

It should have been done in 2021, but we did it 2022 – a whole 12 months late! Our constitution says general elections should be “in the fifth year” not “after five years. Just the same way that the Bible say Jesus resurrected “on the third day” and not “after three days”.

From August 8, 2022, the five-year period will end on Sunday, August 7, 2027; hence, we must have next election before that date. That is, the fifth year will start from August 8, 2026 and run up to August 7, 2027. If you check the calendar for 2026, you will find that the next general election should be held on August 18, 2026. That’s “the second Tuesday in August in the fifth year”. Unfortunately, politicians have already started preparing for 2027 in the same way that they did after the 2017 elections.

In related news, because of our failure to count years correctly, we missed the opportunity to celebrate the 50th year of our independence. The 50th year started on 13 December 2012 and ended on 12th December 2013. Unfortunately, we did our “Kenya @ 50” commemorations in the 51st year – 2013 to 2014!

And now, we are in the 60th year of independence. It started on December 13, 2022 and will end on December 12, this year – 2023. What are we doing about this Diamond Jubilee? Are there any activities planned, or are we going to wait again until the 61st year

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